About me ...

As a child my parents recognized my Intuitive/mediumship ability to communicate with the spirit world. It was neither encouraged nor discouraged, it was simply just allowed to naturally go dormant because they did not know how to guide me in developing it further. 

At adolescence it started to reawaken in the form of dream premonitions and around the same time my curiosity for Tarot was born. My first encounter with Tarot  came to me in 1997 in the form of a teen magazine, which offered tear out section of Major Arcana cards. I would go on to secretly own a tarot deck and occasionally do readings for myself.  My interest in tarot lead me to discover more about the Angelic realm and the elementals. I always work with my Angel guides when I do any of my readings as they are my source to spiritual guidance along with my own intuition. 



 In my adult life at the beginning of my spiritual awakening in 2007 I decided to pursue a  career in healthcare so that I could put my love for caring and healing to use. It wasn't until my full spiritual awakening in 2012 that I realized that I wanted to live a life in which is more in alignment to my souls purpose of healing. This would only be a part of a bigger picture that would merge with my journey into energy healing in the future.



In 2015 I was desperate to find healing for some health issues that I was not finding any relief in the traditional western approach to healthcare. That is when I found Reiki and after my first experience with it I knew that this was the next step in my spiritual journey. I searched and searched and then one day the  universe provided me with a place and a teacher to start my journey using Reiki to heal. I took my first Reiki course in August 2015 and then another in October that same year. Then the following year in Spring of 2016 I took Reiki Level III, in each of these levels I have seen/remembered my previous experience with Reiki as an energy healer in another lifetime. My greatest blessing has been my own health issues because in my search for finding a way to heal myself I have found a way to help others heal in Mind~Body~ Spirit. I have had some wonderful experiences using this energetic healing ability in a healthcare setting. 



My spiritual awakening has been the most wonderful experience to come into my life. I welcome you to learn, grow and evolve with me as I walk this journey and further develop my other gifts. I would be honored and love to be a part of your journey as well, whether it be through card readings or energy healing

 Love & Light,


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