An Axiatonal Alignment is deeply relaxing and very gentle, it is a powerful healing modality that works along the meridian lines of the body; rejuvenates at all levels.

Axiatonal alignment is a technique of waking you and

reconnecting yourself to your higher-self.


The client lays down on a massage table fully clothed, and the practitioner works systematically though out the body gently touching/tapping on specific points that lay along meridian lines. These points are small vortices of energy that emit light & sound frequencies

Axiatonal Alignment is done in three parts:

  • The first part clears the meridians or Axiatonal Lines of blocked energy allowing for the free flow of chi (Ki or Prana) energy.

  • The second part of the treatment is done to balance the right and left sides of the body and brain.

  • The third part of the treatment reconnects you to the Christ Consciousness grid.

Benefits of an Axiatonal Alignment

Opening your meridian channels and removing blockages

Balancing your chakras and the polarity of the body.

Shielding the energy system of the body from negative energy.

Releasing any physical, emotional or spiritual limitation.

Balancing, relaxing, rejuvenating and harmonizing the body.

Cleaning negative emotional patterns.

Deepen meditation for those who meditate.

Powerfully boosting the effects of other therapies.

Balancing, centering and focusing.

Becoming deeply relaxed.

Having a sense of well-being: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Eliminating old thought patterns and behaviours that cause negative effects.

Helping find new patterns/behaviours that are more appropriate.

Book your Axiatonal Alignment 

to balance & align your energetic body. 

 ***Axiatonal Alignment  treatments are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, and no medical claims are made regarding
these treatments. People with serious conditions should consult their doctor.


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