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Tarot Cards and professional Tarot Reading have long been associated with Divine guidance & Wisdom. Tarot reading can not only be used for questions about daily life but also to gain insight and guidance for matters of great importance, such as: a major life decision, spiritual crisis, receiving messages from your guides or discovering more about your karmic path.   


Use this powerful tool to get guidance when you need it most!

Tarot is often referred to as a book of changes and is ideal for:


  • Learning & Receiving message from you higher self

  • Exploring & getting to know the “REAL YOU”

  • Unlocking your own limitless potential

  • Raising yourself to new heights

  • Gaining Spiritual growth, guidance and wisdom

  • Learn how to elevate your vibration to manifest what you desire most in life and in love.

  • Discovering more about your karmic purpose & karmic lessons you need to learn

  • Learning how to raise your vibration & vibrations around life changing situations


Whether it’s your first Tarot reading or have already experienced a reading before, you’re sure to enjoy the power & effectiveness of this ancient tool of divination.


See what the cards have to say …

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$111 - 60 min

$44 - 20mins



Ascended Masters

Twin Flames

Spiritual Beings & Deities


General Card Reading


60 Min. LIVE Readings are available via phone call in Canada or via Face Book Messenger for out of country clients.

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