Energy Therapy

As an Intuitive and a Healer, I was born aware of Energy, Vibration, and blessed with the inner gift of knowing.  I have been gifted with the ability to feel and shift energy.  When I experienced intense and chronic disease in my body, I combined medicine with the ancient practice of energy healing and found results. I am a Reiki Master & Teacher and this is the main modality of energy healing that I use in combination with other healing methods. 

​Benefits of Energy Healing



  • Energy Therapy helps the individual to feel centered, focused, create balance, & harmony through therapies such as Reiki, Crystal Therapy & Axiatonal alignment.

  • A sense of well-being on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

  • Deep relaxation

  • Deeper meditation for those who meditate.

  • Immediate releases during or directly following a session.

  • Help resolve issues through vivid dreams and memory flashbacks.

  • Help to eliminate old thought patterns & behaviors from our lives and help us find new ones that are more appropriate for us at this time.

What  to expect during an Energy Therapy Session ?

You will be lying on a massage table in a relaxing and safe environment, fully clothed, with soothing music playing.  The practitioner will scan the body with the hands and will use energy to balance the chakras. In Axiatonal alignment the practitioner will systematically move from the head down past the feet gently touching specific meridian points along the body. For Crystal Therapy the practitioner will intuitively place crystals that have specific healing properties to the areas in which they are needed.

  • Usui Reiki 

  • Axiatonal Alignmnet Therapy

  • Crystal Energy Therapy

  • Sacred music

  • Medicine bowls

  • Harmonic Attuning

  • Aroma (oils, sage, other ways to open the senses)  may be explored.

 ***Energy Healing treatments are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, and no medical claims are made regarding
these treatments. People with serious conditions should consult their doctor.

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